Back in 1998, Jordan Miller founded a company with a simple goal in mind. To help his clients
MAKE MORE MONEY. He set out to develop a firm who's only purpose was to provide packaging and merchandising programs that not only looked great but ACTUALLY SOLD in the aisle.

original sales brochure from 1998

…still holds true to this day

Gathering a staff of seasoned professionals with the same desire/passion for and experience with intuitive, strategic marketing communications, JMA has continued to expand and evolve
into a leading national firm that STILL develops full programs that...COMMUNICATE_SELL!

JMA's unique and successful approach to packaging, merchandising and marketing programs  continue to prove themselves in the aisle by self-selling, selling up, justifying price points, creating multiple purchases and add-on sales…ultimately adding MORE MONEY in their
client's bottom line at the end of the day!


Jordan Miller

Founder & CEO

Amy Miller

Strategic specialist

With 35+ years experience and a marketing degree from State University New York at Geneseo, Jordy has a keen insight into the real-world mechanics that is strategic consumer marketing.

"nothing more gratifying than to see a program come to life and become a success in the marketplace…an everyday occurrence here at JMA"

Kyle Galitz

Production Manager

More than just a production manager, Kyle has a whole closet full of hats. His analytical mind and attention to every detail ensures that EVERY job gets done right the first time.

"I don't believe any project is too small or too large, they all need to get done NOW…with 25+ years experience, I'm here to see that yours gets done right - period"

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Strategic Marketing Communications

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